Saviors of Rhillau

Sessions 15, 16, and 17: Police Procedure, Ho!

Wherein Werewolves are Ignored and Regret Swiftly Follows

Excited about getting the chance to fight legitimate werewolves, our heroes found themselves dumbstruck when the situation had ‘resolved itself’ and that their services were no longer needed. At a loss, they decided to try to accrue funds through the Coliseum, throwing their golden phallus into the betting pool as well as several small bets.

The first foe turned out to be a summoned creature with a particularly doofy grin that was identified as a blue slime; an acidic monster who was entirely mindless. While the fight ended with few injuries, the stench of the monster continued to linger, the true cost for their victory.

Feeling high on their laurels, the party continues to put down money on their victory and stride out to face their next opponent; The Stone Wyvern. With furious claws and a cloying breath which made maneuvering difficult, the Saviors of Rhillau nearly perished to the horrible flying beast, but they managed to ground out their foe in a magnetic victory.

A night of revelry and shopping sprees commenced, followed by an abrupt awakening by Salandria, who informed them that the Werewolf Case wasn’t as resolved as previously thought. In the town of Avenlune, the priest had left to solve the Lycanthrope Quandry and his replacement was making drastic changes, spreading the gospel of the Moon, a more wild and radical teaching than the traditional Church of the Sun. Not only that, but the Church of the Moon attracts lycanthropes who have a doctrine of spreading the “Moon’s Gift”. With four vials of Alchemical Silver and their wits, the heroes get transported to the small town.

Meeting with Captain Aurillus, she informed the party that a local shopkeep had been killed recently and that strange noises had been coming from the church late at night. Knowing that, the party departed for the Church of the Sun and met with Priest Caieth and his bodyguard Renna. After short conversation, it was clear to Rillifane that the priest was hiding something but due to an overly-aggressive stance, were stonewalled from any information and almost brought on a fight in the church. Not wanting to be in the legal wrong, the Dragon’s Chosen returned to Captain Aurillus with this information to corroborate and wait on a warrant.

With the direct approach failing, Amethystos volunteered to enter the temple in another guise to try and spy on Caieth’s activities and after settling on the visage of the Priestess Lora, After checking about, Ame runs into Caieth and Renna and in an attempt to glean more information, confesses her frustrations about Thias, who seems to model most youth of the church unsurprisingly. She is urged to share her feelings with the Paladin due to his fleeting mortality and it is made clear that Caieth and Renna also share feelings, although they are not open with them.

However, as they prepared to rest, our heroes were beset by a cabal of werewolves, surrounding them in a furious melee. With unorthodox tactics and a boatload of luck, they fended off the regenerating beasts, resisting the lure of Moon Frenzy themselves. Deciding that enough was enough, the party storms their way to the church in the middle of the night and confronts Caieth and Renna, who respond with an equal eagerness to brawl.

Author’s note: The Devils Themselves have no Fury compared to a lovestruck Lycanthrope with a Greatsword

Battling against Caieth’s divine blessings and Renna’s brutal onslaught of attacks took grit, determination, and all the blessings that could be provided, but despite the travails, Renna fell and Caieth fell into despair, shifting into a silver wolf that was eventually backed into a corner by the group tactics of the party. However, as most villains seem to, the priest teleported away, leaving their weapons, a large magical circle, and the realization that their fight was just beginning.


Odentin Enoich

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