Saviors of Rhillau

Session 18: Ballad for Our Fallen Friend

By Amethystos, the Blushing

Through a magic circle,
We found ourselves rushed through,
Human, tree, elf and I,
A werewolf we pursued,

Into darkened forest,
We followed fresh made tracks,
Out into a forest clear,
Woe, not to all come back,

For there with grinning fangs and maw,
Two werewolves sprung a trap,
Revealed their plans to convert,
From sun to moon and crap,

They wished to build a solid base,
An entire werewolf town,
More than sparse travellers,
To strengthen ranks cut down,

Caieth, priest and Renna’s love,
Flashed moonlight, his mock sun,
Made Thias, our strongest warrior,
Blind, in more ways, than one,

Baram, stronger wolf and fast,
Bit mine pretty skin,
Of course I had to waste a heal,
Since I’m so fair and thin,

I banished Baram to a Trek,
In a Feyland Wild,
Given I’m so talented,
With charm, and poise, and style,

But valiant efforts on our part,
Turned to no avail,
We could not down that werewolf “priest”
And here it was we failed,

Although our mighty walking tree,
He felled that Caieth dick,
In turn Baram did come back,
And splintered Rhill to sticks,

No hope of turning ‘round this fight,
Survivors we ran back,
To town to Captain Aurelis,
Our mood, it was pitch black.

For now our Dragon’s Chosen group,
Human, tree, and I,
Was down to just a chosen two,
Our tree we left to die,

That night there was no rest for us,
With thoughts of Rhillifane,
I guess that elf had also died,
Their deaths, that is our shame.


Odentin vikingviking

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