Saviors of Rhillau

Session 14: "I imagine she has reasons for her actions," Elanthruc said.

With no intent of asking what they were.

After their stellar first meeting with Pyraesonia Starwind, the party departed the academy and persuaded Elanthruc to come risk death at the army training grounds over liver damage at some dive. The caretakers, already aware of Caald’s offer, rounded up a squad for a face-off – once bets were placed, anyway. A discussion with a couple of tangents confirmed that this was an ideal opportunity to trade in the six pound golden goblin dick for more negotiable tender, at which point the bookie revealed that the only thing really unusual about the fertility totem was the ‘golden’ part. Creatures mysterious and marvelous, those goblins.

With their dick on the line, the party started their first match with two army graduates and two Ranger cadets. The druid cadet created an entire mass of thorns in the group’s feet, legs, and sides, prolonging the fight long after she gets clubbed down, but the elves weren’t able to cripple the party before the last of them fell.

The victors felt like they were on a roll, 3 platinum richer, and Elanthruc placed another bet before they took on the second challenger as per arena tradition. Rook turned out to be right that the new enemy thought he was some sort of badass, and the enemy turned out to be right about that too. While clearly a lesser demon lord, Jaraxxus put the party in a tight spot with unnatural speed, whirlwind swings, and explosive teleportation topped only by his dying fireball. Medics revived Elanthruc and Rillifane in short order and the group called it a day.

After cash-out, the party found the young Salandria waiting to bring them to Rsaar. The walk to the Knights’ stronghold proved educational: Salandria explained that she was an orphan like Rsaar, swiftly taken into the Church by Caald and Rsaar when they realised she was a potent conduit for divine power. Amethystos noted that Salandria was lucky, insofar as her adopters didn’t chuck her back in the orphanage in short order, and Elanthruc promptly swept aside this unnerving and personal comment in favour of never learning anything about Amethystos.

Once at the stronghold, the party met Caald instead of Rsaar. They confirmed that Jaraxxus was indeed an asshole, then Caald assigned the group to relieve the besieged town of Avenlune from werewolves demanding the local priest. To this end, they arranged to get their weapons silvered by smiths at a discount or to get weapon silvering from Silecia. Rillifane ended the conversation by asking about Salandria’s nature: while she was not a conduit to a higher being, the young woman stood to become the one of the most powerful channelers of divine energy under her new parents’ guidance and care.


Odentin Odentin

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