Saviors of Rhillau

Session 12: Thias' Happy Ending

Wherein Amethystos was used and excluded.

The party began by burning Zeroz’s corpse beyond its already crisp state. Before setting the entire goblin village ablaze, though, they looted the chieftain’s grand hut for coins, gems, and a larger-than-life golden goblin fertility statue. While Amethystos found this encounter to be a valuable learning experience, it remains to be seen whether this chunk of pure gold can even be sold in its current form.

En route to Dorei, our victors happened upon more marauders: goblins and hobgoblins, this time, and heard well before being seen. The elf corpse they dragged did cause concern. The party wasted no time using the element of surprise to botch an ambush in every way, but thrashed the patrol and its surprisingly inexperienced mages. Their hobgoblin leader dispatched after he could truly savour his subordinates’ deadly mediocrity, the party discovered that the dead elf was not Elanthruc, for which they were truly grateful and relieved. He turned out to be a paladin of some minor order, and outfitted with resplendent golden plate and shield until Thias and Rillifane decided they could make better use of these things.

The former paladin’s weapon was unaccounted for, and there were clear tracks which may have led to it by way of more goblinoids, but the party opted to take the deceased back to town for funeral rights. As Rillifane suspected that the lost weapon may have been a longsword or the like, given elves’ proclivities, it used the extradimensional gnomish latrine to make an unmistakable trail from the clearing to town. While it attracted certain criticisms, the plan was flawless: the trail was so revolting that nothing would disturb it, the land would be fertilised, and the bag of holding would be mostly empty. And then the wind kicked up.

Luckily for the townspeople, gnomes do not shit and piss enough in a week to reach the gates. Luckily for the group, Dorei’s evening priest identified the not-yet-rotting elf as a local, Eltaor, and took him in for proper burial at a later date. Unluckily for Amethystos, his bluntly unstated invitation for Thias to join his bath at the inn was still too subtle. Baffled by Ame’s change of heart to abandon the long-awaited bath to flop face-first on the bed and mumble unhappily before drifting off into suspect dreams, Thias had himself a nice soak with his romance novel.


Odentin Saevus

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