Saviors of Rhillau

Session 8: Asses were Chewed.

AKA: Every cop movie ever.

A glorious quest had been set before them and the Dragon’s Chosen found themselves impromptu detectives, tasked to investigate a sudden and bloody attack by gnomes. As the four arrived on the scene, the attacking gnomes were well and truly dead, slain by hammer and shield alike. An investigation of the residual magic suggested that at least one demonic footsoldier had been sent to attack and this was confirmed with each of the gnomes carrying a seal with a warped depiction of the summoner’s order that Elanthruc recognized as their darker demonologist coven.

After a short while, Rillifane got in touch with the spirits of the land which lead him to a bough-covered pathway and a deep tunnel. Since this was likely the source of the ambush and the location of any remaining gnomes, Elanthruc thought it best to return to the High Lord Caald Starwind and set up a perimeter….

__Sorry I was trying to make this all official, but seriously screw it. I consider myself a law-abiding citizen and believe that the Knights of the Sun should be allowed to finish a job that an ‘investigator’ properly investigated. Apparently Mr Caald didn’t agree and shared it in none too polite terms. By Heroics, I used to idolize this guy as a paragon of good, but after what I dealt with… What a dick! Look, whoever is reading, sorry but I had to get this off my chest.

After returning with little but a heated temper, Elanthruc grabbed a Sentinel as an arresting force and dealt with the remaining gnome captive who had his own demon thrall. Though Thias and Rillifane suffered bouts of crippling weakness, tenacity and a bit of luck allowed the Dragon’s Chosen to overcome the conjurer.

To hell with this city. Between spastic wizards, family disputes, and getting royally chewed out, It’ll be nice to get out into the countryside and away from all this ridiculousness.


Odentin Odentin

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