The youngest civilized race. Humans are a curiosity to the elves, their closest geographic neighbors. Not only for the speed in which they have developed, but also for ability to successfully breed with just about anything. The emergence of planetouched humans, as well as half-breeds with orcs and elves, has piqued the interest of the elven kingdom enough to reach out the fledgeling human society and help them along their way.

Human society is based around tuaths; groups of all land owners, craftsmen, and professionals that come together annually to discuss, debate, and ultimately decide on all common policies and laws within their realms. Though these tuaths communicate and network with each other, there is no overarching government between them. Human society is therefore somewhat fractured, though members of different tuaths are welcome to travel between different realms relatively unimpeded, presuming there are no disagreements or conflicts between their tuaths.

Humans, for their part, are quick to pick up on new teachings and ideas, and thus have progressed quite quickly into their current state of civil advancement. Though relatively primitive, they are expected to advance soon (by elven standards, of course).

Half elves can expect to be treated rather well in human society. They are seen as more attractive than normal humans, though their extended lifespan may cause them difficulties later in life.
The treatment of half orcs varies wildly between different tuaths. In areas that see many conflicts with orcs, they will be treated with distrust, disrespect, and disgust. In areas further away from orc problems, they are more likely to be treated simply as ugly.
Planetouched humans are a rarity, but are welcomed into human society with open arms. While aasimars are more likely to be trusted than tieflings, due to their heritage, humans in general are open and welcoming, and will not entirely discriminate without due reason. The elemental planetouched tend to attract attention, but are unlikely to be mistreated.


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