The oldest mortal race. As far as any historical records can tell, the elves were the first to develop language, society, to build a network between settlements and come together as a united people. Today, they are, arguably, the pinnacle of civilization, holding a kingdom larger than any on the surface of Koeh, as well as having a leading role in religion, magic, and military might.

The elven political system is most easily described as a meritocratic parliamentary monarchy. The elven King rules with the aide of the Parliament, and only with their support and confidence. If at any point that confidence is lost, the Parliament holds the power to remove and replace him. The Parliament is made up of individuals who have done great works towards the betterment of the elven people and have gained a sponsorship from either a recognized organization or from a member of the Parliament itself. When a Parliament seat opens, individuals who have received a sponsorship may compete for the seat, if they so wish. This contest is generally broad, but always involves some form of leadership. Military or mercenary leaders will take a group of soldiers to perform some feat of tactical prowess, a musician may compose a great symphony, etc. Whomever best proves their ability to the Parliament (measured by vote) is elevated to the vacant seat. A new King is chosen from literally anyone, by the Parliament, and is installed only by unanimous vote.

Though technically open to any individual from any race, there has never been a non-elf in the Parliament or on the throne. Only two half-elves have taken seats in the Parliament, and only in recent decades.

Half elves are welcomed into elf society, but not without some discrimination. They are often seen as lesser, as being less capable or less intelligent. Those who can tolerate being condescended to, however, can often prove themselves above the stereotype and excel. It just takes more work for them to do so.


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