Saviors of Rhillau

Session 2: Dungeon and Dragon
Quest accepted

Following Thorn’s departure, the party rested a few minutes before continuing into the cave. They found themselves at a crossroads, with three passages leading further into the cave. Two seemed to loop together, while a third was straight and inviting. While examining the passages, Thias found two pit traps hidden in the floor . . . by stepping on them. After falling once and impaling himself on poisoned spikes, the group became more wary, ignoring the straight passage for fear of more dastardly traps. After throwing Amethystos over the pits, and while traversing the connecting passages, Elan found a third pit trap, by nearly falling into it. Finally reaching the point where all three passages merged, Rillifane finally found a pit trap without walking blindly onto it, and instead triggered it purposefully so as not to have any of his party members fall victim to it. Instead, in a room just beyond, four kobold soldiers waited in ambush. Thias fell victim to a net trap as he charged into the fray, but the ambush proved fruitless, and the party prevailed.
While catching their breath, the party examined the kobolds, discovering that they had been magically enhanced, their scales modified in hue and granted resistance to fire. It was determined that this must be the work of a Wyrmpriest, magically inclined kobolds who worship dragons as deities. Meanwhile, Rillifane remembered spotting a corpse in the pit trap he had triggered, and upon further inspection found that it carried a magical cloak. After it was determined that it was a protective item that seemed to respond to Rillifane’s hive mind abilities, the walking tree took possession of it.
Now using the corpses of the kobold soldiers as trap detectors, the party was easily able to bypass a deadly spear trap in the next hall, which led them to another, larger room. This room, it was quickly noticed, has scrape marks on the floor at the southern end, and a strange wooden structure to the north. Inspection of the scrapes led to the discovery of a hidden cache containing some magical bracers that Thias claimed, as well as a few gems and coins. The framework, on the other hand, appeared to be a sort of alarm system leading to a wooden door. After ignoring caution and announcing themselves, even going so far as to knock on the door, the group finally opened it, triggering a trap that the wooden framework had been concealing. Thankfully, the poisoned darts were ineffective against Thias and Rillifane, and Amethystos and Rook had retreated out of the trap’s range before it was triggered.
Beyond the door, a kobold Wyrmpriest was lying in wait along with a group of soldiers and skirmishers. The fight was fierce and long, but thanks to Rillifane’s defensive abilities, combined with his new cloak, he was able to eliminate the Wyrmpriest and protect the rest of his companions while they, eventually, finished off the rest.Upon examination of the bodies and the room, the group found the Wyrmpriest’s ritual circle, and the holy writings that taught the ritual used to empower the kobolds. Finally following the tracks of one of the kobolds that had run away, the group pressed further into the cave.
Around the next corner, though, they found themselves in the lair of the dragon that had once lived in the mountain, and now the dragon that has since taken up residence. Failing to resist the primordial fear that the dragon inspires, the group ran, fled all the way back to Rhillau.
As they were describing the events to Governor Korska, the dragon landed in Rhillau, demanding to speak with whoever was in charge. Standing before the entire town, she explained that she was the mate of the dragon that had been killed fifty years ago, and that she desired revenge against the group that had killed him. She explained that she was taking the town hostage, and that messengers should be sent to collect the dragonslayers and bring them back for her to kill. After she flew off, Korska asked the party to fill that role, which they accepted.
During the night of preparation (and drunkenness), Dyami made a point of giving Rook a suit of armor that he had made that would otherwise go to waste, now that the town is sealed off from the outside world.

As morning approaches, so too does the deadline by which they must head out to collect the dragonslayers.

Session 1: Orcs and Kobolds and . . . Mushrooms?
The adventure begins

The day started like any other. The townspeople of Rhillau all awoke early, setting about in their morning routines. After some last minute repairs and resupplying, and a hearty breakfast at the Dragon’s Head Tavern, the caravan of traders headed for Dovale rode out, leaving the town oddly empty. Even as the townspeople went about their business, however, whispers spread. Rumors of a pre-dawn sighting of orcs inside the city walls. Not just that, but it was said that the orcs were being escorted by members of the city guard itself. Some of the townsfolk seem uneasy, especially as there are no caravans in the town right now, and thus none of the extra guards that they bring along with them.
In the midst of the growing paranoia, guards were swiftly, and quietly, sent to deliver a summons to particular residents of Rhillau. Each summons was simple, hasty written. All they said was to immediately report to the Governor’s office. It was not a request, it seemed, as the guards sent to deliver the messages waited impatiently to escort the party members back to the office…

When the group finally arrived, they discovered that there had indeed been orcs escorted to the governor’s office, including the orc chieftain, Tahni. Tahni explained that the kobolds of the nearby mountain had begun to grow more aggressive, encroaching on the orc camps and getting into skirmishes with the orc hunting and raiding parties. Even worse, it seemed, the kobolds were looking to prepare to lay siege to Rhillau. In the face of this mutual threat, Governor Korska dispatched the party to the mountain to scout the kobolds’ activities, determine what new power was guiding the kobolds in this more aggressive direction.
After gathering supplies, the party headed out to the mountain, taking the time to learn a bit about their new fellows. When the arrived at the base of the mountain, they found kobolds working on catapults in a small clearing. The fight was quick and decisive, starting with Rook and Thias tag teaming one kobold down before it even knew they were there. While the rest of the party burned the catapults, Rillifane and Thorn noticed a cave opening hidden behind some underbrush. Entering the cavern, the party found themselves face to face with a small group of kobold guards.
After dealing with the guards, and not bothering to rest at all, the group forged forward, finding themselves in a small cavern filled with strange purple mushrooms growing among humanoid skeletons. Sensing something amiss, Rillifane had Rook fire upon one of the mushrooms, prompting the larger fungus to begin advancing on the party. The party fought valiantly against the poisonous and carnivorous plants, though Amethystos was dismayed when her mind-attacking powers were of no use. Once the larger, more aggressive mushrooms were dealt with, the smaller mushrooms began emitting a deafening shriek. Once the shriekers were burned down and the corpses examined, it became clear that one of the skeletons belonged to Galen, a local druid.
When Thorn took hold of Galen’s Ranger badge, something strange came over him, and he swiftly departed for destinations unknown, taking Galen’s magical totem with him…


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