Elderly gnome barmaid and dancer


Snaggletooth is an old gnome woman who serves as the barmaid and regular performer at the Dragon’s Head. Her name comes from the fact that most of her teeth have fallen out over the long years, but rather than hide the fact or be insulted at the name, she embraces it. An incurable trickster and joker, she enjoys grinning widely at people, flaunting her toothless visage in their faces. She also revels in joking with the younger, newer generation of adventurers, especially young men, whom she often offers “private dances” or “after-hours dinners” just to get a reaction.

Despite her apparent age, Snaggletooth is still spry and remarkably nimble. She is very good at her job, and has never been seen to drop glasses or plates, even when carrying trays as large as she is. She regularly dances for the gathered crowds at the Dragon’s Head, and to witness one of her performances is to forget how old she appears. Her grace and skill when on stage is captivating.



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