Rudolph Santarosa

Captain of the guard


Rudolph is a no-nonsense human man in charge of Rhillau’s city guard. A stern and authoritative man, he accepts no excuses from his men or from the town he watches over. That said, he is not entirely rigid, and is not known for extreme punishments or rash action. In all things, he is fair and level headed. Of course, he does not condone cruelty or corruption in the men and women he leads, either. It is rumored that he once tried and sentenced two of his men to death for straying away from a scouting mission to ambush and murder an orc family in cold blood.

Rudolph is never seen out of uniform, even when off duty, and never drinks. He is always seen with his crossbow, which almost no one has ever seen him use. Those who have, though, swear that he can pick the wings off of a fly at a hundred paces with it. He welcomes travelers and adventurers cautiously, but keeps an eye on every single one that passes through. Though some call him untrusting or paranoid, he insists that hunting monsters is what leads people along the path of becoming monsters themselves.


Rudolph Santarosa

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