Head priestess of the local Temple of the Sun


Lora’naliss is the current priestess in charge of the temple in Rhillau. While young (by elf standards) and headstrong, she is also selfless and kind, almost to a fault. She also possesses a rather perceptive nature, to the point of being downright prophetic at times. She leads the local congregation with a wisdom and grace beyond her years. Animals take a particular liking to her, as well, and she to them. She is oft times seen accompanied by her companion, Laria, a runty panther that Lora’naliss rescued and raised.

Lora’naliss is kind and welcoming, always wearing a soft smile. She speaks softly, but forcefully at times, and her voice reaches every corner of the temple when she delivers a sermon. In addition to the Church of the Sun’s typical policy of inviting any wandering priest into their temples, Lora has extended that hand to anyone in need of a safe place to rest for the night, but doesn’t have the funds to spare for a bed at the tavern. A few travelers have attempted to take advantage of her hospitality in the past, and have all be thrown unceremoniously out when discovered. Aside from that, though, Lora is always known to offer her skills in healing, both magical and mundane, to any injured person or creature that requests it of her.



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