Former town drunk, now proprietor of the tavern


The former town drunk, Lefty, so called for the direction he would stumble when drunk, is now the (mostly) sober dwarven proprietor of the Dragon’s Head Tavern. No one in town can remember his real name, and he doesn’t seem eager to correct anyone’s memory. Instead, he continues to answer to Lefty. He doesn’t mind talking about his past, about his alcoholism, or how his debt to the former owner of the Dragon’s Head led him to enter into arena battles that eventually paid out enough for him to not only pay off his decades-old tab, but to further purchase the tavern outright (the fact that it had recently burned down helped). Though he still has a taste for high quality alcohol, a fact which keeps the Dragon’s Head well stocked with some of the finest, he rarely ever partakes in more than one tankard per night.

Lefty is cheery and friendly, and remarkably intelligent for someone who used to drown his brain in booze. He now walks with a limp on his left side, the result of his final arena battle, in which he took an arrow to the knee. He keeps the tavern welcoming and comfortable, and well stocked with the finest alcohols from around the world, even going so far as to have dwarven ale imported, much to Dyami’s enjoyment.



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