Friendly local druid


Galen is an aging elven druid and “retired” Ranger that frequents Rhillau. He doesn’t live in town, and rumors say that he does not, in fact, live anywhere, instead just sleeping wherever in the forest he happens to be each night. What is known is that he comes into town every few weeks without schedule, trades pleasantries and news with the townsfolk, sells the potions he brews to Adron, and spends most of his newfound gold at the Dragon’s Head. He has been spotted, both in his normal form and his sleek panther form, all throughout the woods surrounding Rhillau, and as far away as Alaneas, the next closest town at the edge of the woods.

Galen is kind and softspoken, though there is a sadness behind his eyes. He is known to have a bit of a sweet tooth, and some of the vendors in town have gone out of their way to pick up exotic candies for him off of caravans passing through. He is always excited to sample these morsels. He also carries around sweet berries with him, which makes him popular with the local children.

Galen was found dead by a group of young heroes investigating the kobold mountain caves. He was apparently killed by the kobolds in cold blood and fed to their “pet” violet fungi.



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