Dyami Lonato

Gruff dwarven smith


Dyami is a dwarven smith living in Rhillau. By far the best blacksmith in town, the pieces he makes are all of exceptional quality, and come with a price tag to match. Only the governor and some of the elite merchants in town own pieces made by Dyami, mostly cutlery and ceremonial armor, though the governor’s bodyguard, Orchos, owns a full set of armor and weapon made by the dwarf.
Most of Dyami’s income seems to come from the caravans that pass through. Being one of the few places one can obtain dwarven-made gear, some merchant caravans stop in Rhillau specifically to trade with Dyami. Though some have pointed out that he could very well make more by moving to a more prosperous city, Dyami seems to like the peace and quiet of Rhillau.

While gruff and proud, Dyami is by no means antisocial. He enjoys good friends and good ale, and spends most nights at the Dragon’s Head, laughing and having a good time with travelers and locals alike. He is known for loudly boasting the superiority of dwarven crafting, which has gotten him into more than a few fights. Despite not being much of a warrior, his knowledge of weapon- and armorcraft allows his to shatter most enemy weapons before they can retaliate, and almost always makes a sale from the event.


Dyami Lonato

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