Amethystos (Sober)


Xaositect (There are no rules, there is no deeper meaning to existence) the only goal is Stardom!
Pivotal Event: Transformation, became a Changeling! Random accidental discharge from the lab of a freaky 3 -armed purple Tiefling Alchemist. Reports say she was trying to transform a chunk of her own torso into a flying meat minion. She has not been seen since.

Originally an infant Human of forgotten gender (although there will be no admitting to a previous race or sex from Ame, she has always been beyond such trivalties and he will always remain so), the original human birth parents attempted to raise this baby for a few years. Eventually succumbing to negative social pressures about having a ‘freak’ child and tiring of being the local pity dump, they abandoned Sober in favour of their other children, and new baby coming along. Not being completely callous, his birth parents conned/guilted a community of family oriented halflings into raising this totally weird toddler. Not being able to adequetely replicate unique halfing features (as opposed to perfectly copying the features of an already existing individual) it became apparent after a few years that other halfling children and adults alike found her disturbing and only tolerated this changeling’s presenc. This left Ame mostly alone to practise the harp and sing very very loudly an attempt to gain notice for a compliment. Or an insult. Any kind of attention, really.

In a childish temper tantrum at the presumed age of 10 (it is unclear when he was born or exactly how long her originally family kept her), Ame ran away from home and joined up with a band of travelling gnomes. The gnomes were very impressed by his changeling tricks and musical entertainment, and took great delight playing games and harassing the locals wherever they travelled. They tired of him after some years and left her behind.

Unable to survive on his own, she entered the nearest town, Rhillau. A local Sun Prietess (Lora’naliss) took pity on her and gave him food and shelter for a couple nights. However Ame could no longer trust any single individual to be relied upon and soon left the temple without so much as a “thank you”. It is now assumed Ame lives mostly on the streets, though he does earn a small amount of income from performing at the Dragon’s Head. Although not well liked or well known personally, Ame has become familiar with the town surroundngs and local routines, taking comfort in a stable community. Oddly, she mostly refuses to take the shape of anyone living in the town, instead reveling in a fantastical gender-neutral Human form with chunky pink hair and silver/pink skin, constantly shifting small features from day to day. It is theorized he has also taken on the shape of all the humans/halflings/gnomes she has known over the years, in order to not be caught sleeping somewhere undignified, or to cover up minor theft.

Secretly/not so secretely likes:
Lora’naliss the Head Priestess (because she was kind without an ulterior motive)
Lefty the Tavern Proprietor (because he will always talk to Ame. And somtimes offer a free snack)
Dyami the Smith (admires that he will fight to defend an outrageous boast)
Galen the Local Druid (because he gives Ame sweet berries even though he is not a child, and Ame really likes snacks)
Snaggletooth (will occasionally appear as her dirty lyric singing twin, making young adventurers very uncomfortable)
Thias Kelt (ridiculous romantic crush on Thias Kelt, refuses to admit it. Attracted to his surety of self and confident, genuinely gregarious nature)

Very suspicious and outright rude to Adran the Alchemist

Amethystos (Sober)

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