Local alchemist and arcanist


Adran is the half-elf alchemist and arcanist who lives in town. He was born in Rhillau to a human mother and elven father, who pressured him to attend the Mage Academy in Vallinde when he reached adulthood. Once he graduated, roughly 20 years ago, he returned to Rhillau and set up shop as an alchemist, selling his wares to the locals and any trade caravans passing through. Though skilled at his craft, he is a bit of a narcissist, despite being completely oblivious to what goes on around him. Despite that, he genuinely likes being around people and socializing, and will always offer a kind word when the situation calls for it.

Adran is polite and gregarious, and loves talking to new people. He quickly bores of conversations that aren’t in some way related to him or his past, however, and always tries to guide the conversation in a the direction of such topics. All in all, if one can tolerate his incessant need for the spotlight or manage to control the conversation enough to keep him alert, he can be pleasant company. He makes friends quickly, though tends to have difficulty maintaining such connections, allowing them to quickly fade if not speaking to the person on a regular basis.



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