Saviors of Rhillau

Session 13: So Many Fires, So Little Time

Wherein Elanthruc becomes more Stoathearted.

Our heroes begin their day once again, gorging themselves on a pork-laden breakfast, but after Thia’s general ignorance to Amethysto’s, there are tensions. Books were thrown, feelings were bruised, and eventually a plan is decided that the Former Paladin’s weapon is not pursued, since no one favored swords and selling or donating the weapon simply did not cross their minds. Soon after, they received two letters, one by the Knight of the Sun making them aware that they could participate in training against the Military Academy to help prepare them on the battlefield against the Necromancer Army. The second was not only magically sealed, but written by Silecia, who requested their assistance. With that knowledge in hand, the four made their way to the Academy to see what could be done to better impress the wife of Pyraesonia Starwind…

As the Academy buzzed with activity, the Dragon’s Chosen find out that break week had indeed started and a handful of drunk wizards managed to summon up a mess of fire elementals. Since they were, frankly, around and willing to assist, the heroes are eventually convinced into taking out these fiery menaces, but not before meeting up with the singularly most annoyed and sleep-deprived professor. After a bit of friendly banter, he allows the group into the courtyard where the Fire Elementals dwelled.

Through a heated battle, the Paladin’s scavenged gear did well to block flames and bolster our hero’s courage. Despite getting lava thrown up at them, the four survived with barely a scratch, but the greatest challenge was not the battle, for when the Professor opened up the door to a well-timed sarcasm by Elanthruc, the fine paragon of the establishment of this city transformed Rook into an Ermine and golf-drivered him into a stone wall. After that somewhat justified bit of transformation, the group returns to Silecia to let her know the good news and see if Erminethruc could be returned to his normal form.

The sad thing about it was, Silecia worked with chaos magic, which tampered her less-utilized spells to the point of randomness, so her attempts to return Rook to normal instead transformed him into a badger, then a pony, then a fish, where he elegantly began to asphixiate, then a dodo bird, before finally returning to his two-legged form. In the heat of the moment and the flush of near-death, Elanthruc… kind of… sort of swore a curse to wizards in general and took out his rage on the one who was trying to help.

Yeah… Bad Idea, mostly because Pyraesonia could see everything through her hawk.

When this notion finally got through Rook’s thick skull, he had barely enough time to backpedal and apologize before receiving the cross-planar tongue-thrashing of a lifetime from his former hero. The consequences of this chain of events is still unknown. Will the young commander be able to overcome his hubris and become well rounded, or will the experience harden him to his own kind and to wizards, eventually turning him into a badass killer of mages the likes of which the world has never known? Only time shall tell.


Odentin Enoich

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