Saviors of Rhillau

Session 7: Tea, Training, and Tricksters

Fuck you Alchemy.

Dear Diary,

Yesterday we all went for a nice picnic in the forest. We saw pretty red flowers streaked with blue so we all picked a beautiful bouquet to give to the completely calm and austere Silecia in order to keep up good relations since we asked for the favor of an audience with her wife, Pyra. In thanks Silecia invited us all in for a wonderful cup of tea, during which time I got absolutely no leg cramps at all. Because LA DEE FUCKING DA everything is perfect when alchemy is involved. It’s not like alchemy is the worst possible thing or that there are any so called “accidents” or trickles of runoff that cause permanent horrifyingly ugly deformities that make your supposed parents chuck you at the nearest set of caretakers in a long line of ‘hot ugly baby potato’ because everyone gets creeped out by the huge bug eyes the most and of course that’s the first part anyone looks at and of course that’s the hardest part to change.

So yes, it was a lovely time. Rook got all tuckered out from having a cry because he definitely got ridiculed by a flower and had to settle down for a nap right there on the forest floor. Big baby. Oh, and I sang a new song I learned about a pretty unicorn. Thias liked it.

After all those idiots had the tea party with She Who Cannot Be Trusted, Rillifane and Thias also drifted off to dream land. Apparently I am the only one who can be trusted to NOT suddenly fall asleep in an enemy’s presence. Rhillau is doomed.

Today’s breakfast was ok, had some nice sparrow which I guess Rhillifane also eats. I should get it to do my grocery shopping. Then we went to a temple and Rook had a very obvious and cringe worthy crush on High Priestess Acalvia Starwind, one of the elves we’re looking for. She graciously agreed to help us only if her brother Caald would also ride out to Rhillau. Couldn’t there have only been one elf to kill that dragon? All this running around is going to make me dizzy. Anywho, after getting to the Knights of the Sun headquarters, who barges in all in a tizzy but Highlord Caald Starwind himself, going on about gnomes and demons in the park attacking some elf girl.

Now we’re off to investigate the crime scene of where these gnomes and demons first attacked because apparently we do that now. Messengers, card sharks, rescuers, tea connoisseurs, and now investigators. Can we be Saviors too?

We’re just about to arrive at the scene, of course I am so talented that I can multitask writing and walking at the same time. Wouldn’t it be funny if the gnomes who attacked that elf girl were Jorpip and Celtina? Though they never seemed like the summoning type. Suns, I haven’t seen them since I was a kid. Ha, I hope they’re dead. Those guys were assholes.




Odentin vikingviking

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