Saviors of Rhillau

Session 11: Half-baked Goblin Plots

Wherein Archery Duels are lost and no one mentions it again.

Due to some ‘generous’ abandonment by the other adventurers, Elanthruc was left to sod away his times, drinking himself into a stupor before realized he had been ditched. In his usual approach to things, he does not inquire the innkeeper who may have overheard something, but instead visited his father, which he shared a relatively peaceful dinner, asked to utilize his expert scrying magic, and was offered a horse to rent, all in the quest to chase after the ingrates who would leave him high and dry. Needless to say, emotions were heated.

However almost as soon as Rook had arrived, the party began to scare their captured Goblin prisoner into leading them to Zeroz’s camp, but after a notably butterfingers moment by Thias, the Goblin began running away, with no one successfully capturing the bugger. Eventually, he fell from an arrow to the back, but would serve little benefit as a guide. Disgruntled and embittered, the Dragon’s Chosen attempted to follow some nearby tracks to get a bead on Zeroz’s headquarters but instead run into Hobgoblins, whose militaristic might and uncanny accuracy with longbows stood to cause havoc to the party even with their leader and magician out of commision. In the heat of the moment, Rook made the ridiculous call of an ‘archer duel’, despite there were twice as many archers and he and almost died from the subsequent pincushioning.

However with luck and the tenacious nature of our heroes, the Hobgoblins lay vanquished, with a single prisoner brought down by nonlethal mockery. Upon interrogation, it was revealed that Death was the least of the captive’s fears and worried about what Zeroz was going to do with him and his compatriots after death. Suspecting Necromancy, the Party asked and were confirmed that Zeroz was, in fact, a goblin, and not a pale and exceedingly cowardly Vampire Elf. Conveniently enough, the camp was only a short walk away and with this information, the Dragon’s Chosen gathered up the Hobgoblin bodies and burnt them as they desired.

Upon arriving at the wooden palisade of Zeroz, the party discovered a couple of Bugbear guards arguing, giving time to sneak up and kill one swiftly as the rest of the camp was alerted. In an unceasing tide, Goblins began to swarm from the huts, wielding battleaxes and throwing themselves literally into the blades of Thias and Rillifane, giving their lives to hinder the adventurers, but steadfast like a stone bulwark, the two faced the berserker onslaught and found themselves with a pile of Goblin Corpses. Still hesitant about leaving bodies just sitting around, our heroes began to toss them into a conveniently placed bonfire only to be faced with another wave of goblins. This time caught out of formation, the Dragon’s Chosen took greater difficulties in fending off this wave but eventually managed it and for good measure, set the huts ablaze, confident that the monster spawners inside would die as well.

However, the greatest threat to the Dragon’s Chosen would still be ahead… THE FLOOR!

For the better part of ten minutes, Rillifane and Elanthruc examined the stomped and scorched floor in front of the largest tent, feeling ill at ease about such a innocuous area. After staring intensely at it and recalling Goblin Ritual that would justify this, the party came to the conclusion that it, in fact, was just dirt and walked over it, where Zeroz and Meitic met the party flanked by immolated skeletons. It seemed that the Goblin Chief had offered his fealty to the Lich Queen and the party’s fear for necromancy was quite accurate.

Calling up a wall of living flames, Zeroz stood behind it looking quite smug until he was magnetically pulled by Rillifane into the fire. What proceeded was a dance between the flames where the heroes braved the inferno to bring this villain greater pain. Sadly Zeroz fell before he could show off his greater magical skills in the time honored tradition of ‘shooting the one in the dress’, and after a quick mop-up job, the Party emerged victorious, taunting Meitic for his poor choice in followers and vowing vengeance on him the next time they meet.


Odentin Enoich

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