Saviors of Rhillau

Session 10: The one in which we confirm Rook is an alcoholic

And the rest of the group turn out to be assholes.

Last time, on Saving Rhillau:

Mother Bear Rsaar, oath taker of not killing those who summon giant electric bugs, informed the surly Amethystos how society regards his kind, possibly not aware that Ame had been conscious of her surroundings for more than five minutes over the last couple decades. Ame responded by turning purple, the obvious colour for indignation. However, in a show of thoughtfulness, Rsaar then offered a requisition slip for a mysterious item from the evidence locker of Sentinel Headquarters, located a few blocks away. Listening to Rsaar relay bug and bug people information to Caald was of no interest to the party, and so they all immediately went to go see what this mystery item would be. It was shape shifting armour/hoodie/skinnydress! Ame, aware of how valuable a garment that always allowed for fabulousness is, laid claim. No one else said much about it.

Out of boredom the group decides to seek out a bounty, the Undead War has caused many mercenaries to leave the city, in turn leaving many bounties to choose from. Blatantly ignoring the bounty for Alaneas bandits that Rhillifane had already killed on a bridge, our Saving Heroes decide to go after a Goblin chieftain causing trouble in a nearby town with a forgettable name. Upon deciding that leaving after a good night’s rest would be best, Amethystos spends the rest of the evening getting a fairy cut and commissioning a gorgeous tiara. Rhillifane and Thias stand beside each other in silence. Theirs is a forbidden love. Rook presumably sees this display of affection and becomes so disturbed that he plasters his face with all the inebriation. The next day he is so useless he must be left behind, however no one leaves a note and so for over two weeks Rook believes he has been abandoned. It is a hard time for him. He finds comfort in the bottom of many mugs.

After about a week travel on foot the rest of the Saviours find a gnome run inn in which Ame tries and fails to obtain free lodgings. Since they are dirt poor, they decide to share the most expensive luxury room. The room is very nice, it has a spot for orgies, a spot for being thirsty, and a spot for lounging. Only sleeping happened in the orgy spot, though there was much flopping.

The next morning Rhillifane gets plenty of information because he is a real corker that was made in the shade. He finds out that the goblins like to attack hunters and travelers in the woods. The entire party minus one drunk elf become bait. After half a day of boredom they finally hear unsightly goblin noise. Amethystos does a masterful job of being stealthy, Thias makes more noise than humanly possible. The noise bar for humans has now been raised. The goblins prove to be very sticky, causing Rhillifane and Thias much pain when they try to move. In the end, our Saving and Abandoning Heroes save the day and defeat the goblins. Hurray!

Next Time: where’s the goblin camp? Will our heroes defeat the chief? How pretty is this tiara going to be? Stay tuned!


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