Saviors of Rhillau

Session 4: Definitely NOT a Sewer Level

Cult of Personality

After arguably the noisiest and most distracting game of poker, the Dragon’s Chosen found themselves awakened to news of missing townsfolk, as if the Age-Manipulating cardshark wasn’t the worst of this town’s worries. After some asking about, Thias and Amethystos find that all the victims belonged to the same city block and upon closer examination, find clues leading to the City’s Storm Drains, where the myriad waterfalls empty into. Only mildly deterred by the idea of rooting out enemies in the pipework, Our heroes make their way into the depths in search for the kidnappers.

Proceeding down the tunnel, the party notices that several heavy metal grates kept locked via magic had been torn open with blunt impact and further south, the sound of chanting could be heard, confirming rumors of a hidden cult in the area. After a careful procession down the main storm drain line, the Dragon’s Chosen notice an admixture of alchemical ingredients and since nasty beasts tend to pop up out of pools of ooze, decide to tread carefully. This particular blend of genre savviness is rewarded with a giant enemy ooze that upon death, split into even more obnoxious little slimes. Sadly, no alchemist sewage could face against the might of Thia’s Axe and the small slimes were slain.

With renewed vigor, the party proceeded down the last pipe tributary and wandered until they reached a large stone sphere adorned with glowing floating glyphs which served as a database for overseers of the storm drain to address issues of damage or allocations of water. Also nestled in the room were a pair of cultists who had empowered a Skeletal Warrior; The Hateslash. With Thias charging ahead to fight the Cultists, the rest of the party was held off a proper attack by the hardy swings of Hateslash’s Executioner’s Axe, but through grit, determination, and just a bit of luck, the foes were toppled and Thias found himself a new chopping implement that helped his inability to hit properly.

The Storm Drain database was mostly numbers, but the ever-curious Elanthruc found a way to detect damages in the pipe system, somewhere north of the present location. Since this band of cultists didn’t have any sacrifices or hostages with them, the party continued down the tributary and around, winding the confusing and oddly asymmetrical pathways until they reached a room with an even greater runic database than before. As if foretold, the cabal of cultists revealed themselves, alongside a pale-looking man almost ready to burst into an evil speech.

How will the Dragon’s Chosen survive outnumbered nearly two-to-one? Will they allow pasty-face to start revealing his evil plan in the middle of battle? Will we ever get out of this town? Find out next time on the thrilling conclusion of Dragon Ball Z!…


Saviors of Rhillau!


Odentin Odentin

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