Saviors of Rhillau

Session 18: Ballad for Our Fallen Friend
By Amethystos, the Blushing

Through a magic circle,
We found ourselves rushed through,
Human, tree, elf and I,
A werewolf we pursued,

Into darkened forest,
We followed fresh made tracks,
Out into a forest clear,
Woe, not to all come back,

For there with grinning fangs and maw,
Two werewolves sprung a trap,
Revealed their plans to convert,
From sun to moon and crap,

They wished to build a solid base,
An entire werewolf town,
More than sparse travellers,
To strengthen ranks cut down,

Caieth, priest and Renna’s love,
Flashed moonlight, his mock sun,
Made Thias, our strongest warrior,
Blind, in more ways, than one,

Baram, stronger wolf and fast,
Bit mine pretty skin,
Of course I had to waste a heal,
Since I’m so fair and thin,

I banished Baram to a Trek,
In a Feyland Wild,
Given I’m so talented,
With charm, and poise, and style,

But valiant efforts on our part,
Turned to no avail,
We could not down that werewolf “priest”
And here it was we failed,

Although our mighty walking tree,
He felled that Caieth dick,
In turn Baram did come back,
And splintered Rhill to sticks,

No hope of turning ‘round this fight,
Survivors we ran back,
To town to Captain Aurelis,
Our mood, it was pitch black.

For now our Dragon’s Chosen group,
Human, tree, and I,
Was down to just a chosen two,
Our tree we left to die,

That night there was no rest for us,
With thoughts of Rhillifane,
I guess that elf had also died,
Their deaths, that is our shame.

Sessions 15, 16, and 17: Police Procedure, Ho!
Wherein Werewolves are Ignored and Regret Swiftly Follows

Excited about getting the chance to fight legitimate werewolves, our heroes found themselves dumbstruck when the situation had ‘resolved itself’ and that their services were no longer needed. At a loss, they decided to try to accrue funds through the Coliseum, throwing their golden phallus into the betting pool as well as several small bets.

The first foe turned out to be a summoned creature with a particularly doofy grin that was identified as a blue slime; an acidic monster who was entirely mindless. While the fight ended with few injuries, the stench of the monster continued to linger, the true cost for their victory.

Feeling high on their laurels, the party continues to put down money on their victory and stride out to face their next opponent; The Stone Wyvern. With furious claws and a cloying breath which made maneuvering difficult, the Saviors of Rhillau nearly perished to the horrible flying beast, but they managed to ground out their foe in a magnetic victory.

A night of revelry and shopping sprees commenced, followed by an abrupt awakening by Salandria, who informed them that the Werewolf Case wasn’t as resolved as previously thought. In the town of Avenlune, the priest had left to solve the Lycanthrope Quandry and his replacement was making drastic changes, spreading the gospel of the Moon, a more wild and radical teaching than the traditional Church of the Sun. Not only that, but the Church of the Moon attracts lycanthropes who have a doctrine of spreading the “Moon’s Gift”. With four vials of Alchemical Silver and their wits, the heroes get transported to the small town.

Meeting with Captain Aurillus, she informed the party that a local shopkeep had been killed recently and that strange noises had been coming from the church late at night. Knowing that, the party departed for the Church of the Sun and met with Priest Caieth and his bodyguard Renna. After short conversation, it was clear to Rillifane that the priest was hiding something but due to an overly-aggressive stance, were stonewalled from any information and almost brought on a fight in the church. Not wanting to be in the legal wrong, the Dragon’s Chosen returned to Captain Aurillus with this information to corroborate and wait on a warrant.

With the direct approach failing, Amethystos volunteered to enter the temple in another guise to try and spy on Caieth’s activities and after settling on the visage of the Priestess Lora, After checking about, Ame runs into Caieth and Renna and in an attempt to glean more information, confesses her frustrations about Thias, who seems to model most youth of the church unsurprisingly. She is urged to share her feelings with the Paladin due to his fleeting mortality and it is made clear that Caieth and Renna also share feelings, although they are not open with them.

However, as they prepared to rest, our heroes were beset by a cabal of werewolves, surrounding them in a furious melee. With unorthodox tactics and a boatload of luck, they fended off the regenerating beasts, resisting the lure of Moon Frenzy themselves. Deciding that enough was enough, the party storms their way to the church in the middle of the night and confronts Caieth and Renna, who respond with an equal eagerness to brawl.

Author’s note: The Devils Themselves have no Fury compared to a lovestruck Lycanthrope with a Greatsword

Battling against Caieth’s divine blessings and Renna’s brutal onslaught of attacks took grit, determination, and all the blessings that could be provided, but despite the travails, Renna fell and Caieth fell into despair, shifting into a silver wolf that was eventually backed into a corner by the group tactics of the party. However, as most villains seem to, the priest teleported away, leaving their weapons, a large magical circle, and the realization that their fight was just beginning.

Session 14: "I imagine she has reasons for her actions," Elanthruc said.
With no intent of asking what they were.

After their stellar first meeting with Pyraesonia Starwind, the party departed the academy and persuaded Elanthruc to come risk death at the army training grounds over liver damage at some dive. The caretakers, already aware of Caald’s offer, rounded up a squad for a face-off – once bets were placed, anyway. A discussion with a couple of tangents confirmed that this was an ideal opportunity to trade in the six pound golden goblin dick for more negotiable tender, at which point the bookie revealed that the only thing really unusual about the fertility totem was the ‘golden’ part. Creatures mysterious and marvelous, those goblins.

With their dick on the line, the party started their first match with two army graduates and two Ranger cadets. The druid cadet created an entire mass of thorns in the group’s feet, legs, and sides, prolonging the fight long after she gets clubbed down, but the elves weren’t able to cripple the party before the last of them fell.

The victors felt like they were on a roll, 3 platinum richer, and Elanthruc placed another bet before they took on the second challenger as per arena tradition. Rook turned out to be right that the new enemy thought he was some sort of badass, and the enemy turned out to be right about that too. While clearly a lesser demon lord, Jaraxxus put the party in a tight spot with unnatural speed, whirlwind swings, and explosive teleportation topped only by his dying fireball. Medics revived Elanthruc and Rillifane in short order and the group called it a day.

After cash-out, the party found the young Salandria waiting to bring them to Rsaar. The walk to the Knights’ stronghold proved educational: Salandria explained that she was an orphan like Rsaar, swiftly taken into the Church by Caald and Rsaar when they realised she was a potent conduit for divine power. Amethystos noted that Salandria was lucky, insofar as her adopters didn’t chuck her back in the orphanage in short order, and Elanthruc promptly swept aside this unnerving and personal comment in favour of never learning anything about Amethystos.

Once at the stronghold, the party met Caald instead of Rsaar. They confirmed that Jaraxxus was indeed an asshole, then Caald assigned the group to relieve the besieged town of Avenlune from werewolves demanding the local priest. To this end, they arranged to get their weapons silvered by smiths at a discount or to get weapon silvering from Silecia. Rillifane ended the conversation by asking about Salandria’s nature: while she was not a conduit to a higher being, the young woman stood to become the one of the most powerful channelers of divine energy under her new parents’ guidance and care.

Session 13: So Many Fires, So Little Time
Wherein Elanthruc becomes more Stoathearted.

Our heroes begin their day once again, gorging themselves on a pork-laden breakfast, but after Thia’s general ignorance to Amethysto’s, there are tensions. Books were thrown, feelings were bruised, and eventually a plan is decided that the Former Paladin’s weapon is not pursued, since no one favored swords and selling or donating the weapon simply did not cross their minds. Soon after, they received two letters, one by the Knight of the Sun making them aware that they could participate in training against the Military Academy to help prepare them on the battlefield against the Necromancer Army. The second was not only magically sealed, but written by Silecia, who requested their assistance. With that knowledge in hand, the four made their way to the Academy to see what could be done to better impress the wife of Pyraesonia Starwind…

As the Academy buzzed with activity, the Dragon’s Chosen find out that break week had indeed started and a handful of drunk wizards managed to summon up a mess of fire elementals. Since they were, frankly, around and willing to assist, the heroes are eventually convinced into taking out these fiery menaces, but not before meeting up with the singularly most annoyed and sleep-deprived professor. After a bit of friendly banter, he allows the group into the courtyard where the Fire Elementals dwelled.

Through a heated battle, the Paladin’s scavenged gear did well to block flames and bolster our hero’s courage. Despite getting lava thrown up at them, the four survived with barely a scratch, but the greatest challenge was not the battle, for when the Professor opened up the door to a well-timed sarcasm by Elanthruc, the fine paragon of the establishment of this city transformed Rook into an Ermine and golf-drivered him into a stone wall. After that somewhat justified bit of transformation, the group returns to Silecia to let her know the good news and see if Erminethruc could be returned to his normal form.

The sad thing about it was, Silecia worked with chaos magic, which tampered her less-utilized spells to the point of randomness, so her attempts to return Rook to normal instead transformed him into a badger, then a pony, then a fish, where he elegantly began to asphixiate, then a dodo bird, before finally returning to his two-legged form. In the heat of the moment and the flush of near-death, Elanthruc… kind of… sort of swore a curse to wizards in general and took out his rage on the one who was trying to help.

Yeah… Bad Idea, mostly because Pyraesonia could see everything through her hawk.

When this notion finally got through Rook’s thick skull, he had barely enough time to backpedal and apologize before receiving the cross-planar tongue-thrashing of a lifetime from his former hero. The consequences of this chain of events is still unknown. Will the young commander be able to overcome his hubris and become well rounded, or will the experience harden him to his own kind and to wizards, eventually turning him into a badass killer of mages the likes of which the world has never known? Only time shall tell.

Session 12: Thias' Happy Ending
Wherein Amethystos was used and excluded.

The party began by burning Zeroz’s corpse beyond its already crisp state. Before setting the entire goblin village ablaze, though, they looted the chieftain’s grand hut for coins, gems, and a larger-than-life golden goblin fertility statue. While Amethystos found this encounter to be a valuable learning experience, it remains to be seen whether this chunk of pure gold can even be sold in its current form.

En route to Dorei, our victors happened upon more marauders: goblins and hobgoblins, this time, and heard well before being seen. The elf corpse they dragged did cause concern. The party wasted no time using the element of surprise to botch an ambush in every way, but thrashed the patrol and its surprisingly inexperienced mages. Their hobgoblin leader dispatched after he could truly savour his subordinates’ deadly mediocrity, the party discovered that the dead elf was not Elanthruc, for which they were truly grateful and relieved. He turned out to be a paladin of some minor order, and outfitted with resplendent golden plate and shield until Thias and Rillifane decided they could make better use of these things.

The former paladin’s weapon was unaccounted for, and there were clear tracks which may have led to it by way of more goblinoids, but the party opted to take the deceased back to town for funeral rights. As Rillifane suspected that the lost weapon may have been a longsword or the like, given elves’ proclivities, it used the extradimensional gnomish latrine to make an unmistakable trail from the clearing to town. While it attracted certain criticisms, the plan was flawless: the trail was so revolting that nothing would disturb it, the land would be fertilised, and the bag of holding would be mostly empty. And then the wind kicked up.

Luckily for the townspeople, gnomes do not shit and piss enough in a week to reach the gates. Luckily for the group, Dorei’s evening priest identified the not-yet-rotting elf as a local, Eltaor, and took him in for proper burial at a later date. Unluckily for Amethystos, his bluntly unstated invitation for Thias to join his bath at the inn was still too subtle. Baffled by Ame’s change of heart to abandon the long-awaited bath to flop face-first on the bed and mumble unhappily before drifting off into suspect dreams, Thias had himself a nice soak with his romance novel.

Session 11: Half-baked Goblin Plots
Wherein Archery Duels are lost and no one mentions it again.

Due to some ‘generous’ abandonment by the other adventurers, Elanthruc was left to sod away his times, drinking himself into a stupor before realized he had been ditched. In his usual approach to things, he does not inquire the innkeeper who may have overheard something, but instead visited his father, which he shared a relatively peaceful dinner, asked to utilize his expert scrying magic, and was offered a horse to rent, all in the quest to chase after the ingrates who would leave him high and dry. Needless to say, emotions were heated.

However almost as soon as Rook had arrived, the party began to scare their captured Goblin prisoner into leading them to Zeroz’s camp, but after a notably butterfingers moment by Thias, the Goblin began running away, with no one successfully capturing the bugger. Eventually, he fell from an arrow to the back, but would serve little benefit as a guide. Disgruntled and embittered, the Dragon’s Chosen attempted to follow some nearby tracks to get a bead on Zeroz’s headquarters but instead run into Hobgoblins, whose militaristic might and uncanny accuracy with longbows stood to cause havoc to the party even with their leader and magician out of commision. In the heat of the moment, Rook made the ridiculous call of an ‘archer duel’, despite there were twice as many archers and he and almost died from the subsequent pincushioning.

However with luck and the tenacious nature of our heroes, the Hobgoblins lay vanquished, with a single prisoner brought down by nonlethal mockery. Upon interrogation, it was revealed that Death was the least of the captive’s fears and worried about what Zeroz was going to do with him and his compatriots after death. Suspecting Necromancy, the Party asked and were confirmed that Zeroz was, in fact, a goblin, and not a pale and exceedingly cowardly Vampire Elf. Conveniently enough, the camp was only a short walk away and with this information, the Dragon’s Chosen gathered up the Hobgoblin bodies and burnt them as they desired.

Upon arriving at the wooden palisade of Zeroz, the party discovered a couple of Bugbear guards arguing, giving time to sneak up and kill one swiftly as the rest of the camp was alerted. In an unceasing tide, Goblins began to swarm from the huts, wielding battleaxes and throwing themselves literally into the blades of Thias and Rillifane, giving their lives to hinder the adventurers, but steadfast like a stone bulwark, the two faced the berserker onslaught and found themselves with a pile of Goblin Corpses. Still hesitant about leaving bodies just sitting around, our heroes began to toss them into a conveniently placed bonfire only to be faced with another wave of goblins. This time caught out of formation, the Dragon’s Chosen took greater difficulties in fending off this wave but eventually managed it and for good measure, set the huts ablaze, confident that the monster spawners inside would die as well.

However, the greatest threat to the Dragon’s Chosen would still be ahead… THE FLOOR!

For the better part of ten minutes, Rillifane and Elanthruc examined the stomped and scorched floor in front of the largest tent, feeling ill at ease about such a innocuous area. After staring intensely at it and recalling Goblin Ritual that would justify this, the party came to the conclusion that it, in fact, was just dirt and walked over it, where Zeroz and Meitic met the party flanked by immolated skeletons. It seemed that the Goblin Chief had offered his fealty to the Lich Queen and the party’s fear for necromancy was quite accurate.

Calling up a wall of living flames, Zeroz stood behind it looking quite smug until he was magnetically pulled by Rillifane into the fire. What proceeded was a dance between the flames where the heroes braved the inferno to bring this villain greater pain. Sadly Zeroz fell before he could show off his greater magical skills in the time honored tradition of ‘shooting the one in the dress’, and after a quick mop-up job, the Party emerged victorious, taunting Meitic for his poor choice in followers and vowing vengeance on him the next time they meet.

Session 10: The one in which we confirm Rook is an alcoholic
And the rest of the group turn out to be assholes.

Last time, on Saving Rhillau:

Mother Bear Rsaar, oath taker of not killing those who summon giant electric bugs, informed the surly Amethystos how society regards his kind, possibly not aware that Ame had been conscious of her surroundings for more than five minutes over the last couple decades. Ame responded by turning purple, the obvious colour for indignation. However, in a show of thoughtfulness, Rsaar then offered a requisition slip for a mysterious item from the evidence locker of Sentinel Headquarters, located a few blocks away. Listening to Rsaar relay bug and bug people information to Caald was of no interest to the party, and so they all immediately went to go see what this mystery item would be. It was shape shifting armour/hoodie/skinnydress! Ame, aware of how valuable a garment that always allowed for fabulousness is, laid claim. No one else said much about it.

Out of boredom the group decides to seek out a bounty, the Undead War has caused many mercenaries to leave the city, in turn leaving many bounties to choose from. Blatantly ignoring the bounty for Alaneas bandits that Rhillifane had already killed on a bridge, our Saving Heroes decide to go after a Goblin chieftain causing trouble in a nearby town with a forgettable name. Upon deciding that leaving after a good night’s rest would be best, Amethystos spends the rest of the evening getting a fairy cut and commissioning a gorgeous tiara. Rhillifane and Thias stand beside each other in silence. Theirs is a forbidden love. Rook presumably sees this display of affection and becomes so disturbed that he plasters his face with all the inebriation. The next day he is so useless he must be left behind, however no one leaves a note and so for over two weeks Rook believes he has been abandoned. It is a hard time for him. He finds comfort in the bottom of many mugs.

After about a week travel on foot the rest of the Saviours find a gnome run inn in which Ame tries and fails to obtain free lodgings. Since they are dirt poor, they decide to share the most expensive luxury room. The room is very nice, it has a spot for orgies, a spot for being thirsty, and a spot for lounging. Only sleeping happened in the orgy spot, though there was much flopping.

The next morning Rhillifane gets plenty of information because he is a real corker that was made in the shade. He finds out that the goblins like to attack hunters and travelers in the woods. The entire party minus one drunk elf become bait. After half a day of boredom they finally hear unsightly goblin noise. Amethystos does a masterful job of being stealthy, Thias makes more noise than humanly possible. The noise bar for humans has now been raised. The goblins prove to be very sticky, causing Rhillifane and Thias much pain when they try to move. In the end, our Saving and Abandoning Heroes save the day and defeat the goblins. Hurray!

Next Time: where’s the goblin camp? Will our heroes defeat the chief? How pretty is this tiara going to be? Stay tuned!

Session 9: Gnome and Garden Center
Cutting an interrogation short.

Well, we found one of the last of the siblings we were looking for. Caald, if I’m remembering the name right. It figures the one person we absolutely need to come along so that everyone else does is the type that thinks helping his own people and helping people without pointy ears are mutually exclusive. Honestly, if your entire city will be on the brink of horrific lawless breakdown because you stepped out of it for a month, you might want to rethink your command structure.

This leaves us helping him to play catch-up on paperwork. Fine by me; I’d have helped these people anyway, and this gnome put a child in significant danger. But I’ll be doing it because it’s the right thing to do, not to help that prick.

Of course, it turned out that the gnome fed this splinter faction information and put the child where she needed them to be. This makes him just as guilty as them, oaths or no. That’s one of the things about freedom: you have to accept the consequences of your choices and actions, whether or not you wanted the consequences to happen. That’s the point where navigating the whole issue of freedom gets complex.

Unfortunately for him, that’s where my sympathy ends. Especially considering he summoned a demon on me and kept refreshing his damned shield when I broke through it. Some interrogation. Rsaar spent most of that fight knocked out on to her ass, just in time to get back up at the end to bring down the shield in a strike and capture the gnome. Showoff. Too cute to be mad at though.

Session 8: Asses were Chewed.
AKA: Every cop movie ever.

A glorious quest had been set before them and the Dragon’s Chosen found themselves impromptu detectives, tasked to investigate a sudden and bloody attack by gnomes. As the four arrived on the scene, the attacking gnomes were well and truly dead, slain by hammer and shield alike. An investigation of the residual magic suggested that at least one demonic footsoldier had been sent to attack and this was confirmed with each of the gnomes carrying a seal with a warped depiction of the summoner’s order that Elanthruc recognized as their darker demonologist coven.

After a short while, Rillifane got in touch with the spirits of the land which lead him to a bough-covered pathway and a deep tunnel. Since this was likely the source of the ambush and the location of any remaining gnomes, Elanthruc thought it best to return to the High Lord Caald Starwind and set up a perimeter….

__Sorry I was trying to make this all official, but seriously screw it. I consider myself a law-abiding citizen and believe that the Knights of the Sun should be allowed to finish a job that an ‘investigator’ properly investigated. Apparently Mr Caald didn’t agree and shared it in none too polite terms. By Heroics, I used to idolize this guy as a paragon of good, but after what I dealt with… What a dick! Look, whoever is reading, sorry but I had to get this off my chest.

After returning with little but a heated temper, Elanthruc grabbed a Sentinel as an arresting force and dealt with the remaining gnome captive who had his own demon thrall. Though Thias and Rillifane suffered bouts of crippling weakness, tenacity and a bit of luck allowed the Dragon’s Chosen to overcome the conjurer.

To hell with this city. Between spastic wizards, family disputes, and getting royally chewed out, It’ll be nice to get out into the countryside and away from all this ridiculousness.

Session 7: Tea, Training, and Tricksters
Fuck you Alchemy.

Dear Diary,

Yesterday we all went for a nice picnic in the forest. We saw pretty red flowers streaked with blue so we all picked a beautiful bouquet to give to the completely calm and austere Silecia in order to keep up good relations since we asked for the favor of an audience with her wife, Pyra. In thanks Silecia invited us all in for a wonderful cup of tea, during which time I got absolutely no leg cramps at all. Because LA DEE FUCKING DA everything is perfect when alchemy is involved. It’s not like alchemy is the worst possible thing or that there are any so called “accidents” or trickles of runoff that cause permanent horrifyingly ugly deformities that make your supposed parents chuck you at the nearest set of caretakers in a long line of ‘hot ugly baby potato’ because everyone gets creeped out by the huge bug eyes the most and of course that’s the first part anyone looks at and of course that’s the hardest part to change.

So yes, it was a lovely time. Rook got all tuckered out from having a cry because he definitely got ridiculed by a flower and had to settle down for a nap right there on the forest floor. Big baby. Oh, and I sang a new song I learned about a pretty unicorn. Thias liked it.

After all those idiots had the tea party with She Who Cannot Be Trusted, Rillifane and Thias also drifted off to dream land. Apparently I am the only one who can be trusted to NOT suddenly fall asleep in an enemy’s presence. Rhillau is doomed.

Today’s breakfast was ok, had some nice sparrow which I guess Rhillifane also eats. I should get it to do my grocery shopping. Then we went to a temple and Rook had a very obvious and cringe worthy crush on High Priestess Acalvia Starwind, one of the elves we’re looking for. She graciously agreed to help us only if her brother Caald would also ride out to Rhillau. Couldn’t there have only been one elf to kill that dragon? All this running around is going to make me dizzy. Anywho, after getting to the Knights of the Sun headquarters, who barges in all in a tizzy but Highlord Caald Starwind himself, going on about gnomes and demons in the park attacking some elf girl.

Now we’re off to investigate the crime scene of where these gnomes and demons first attacked because apparently we do that now. Messengers, card sharks, rescuers, tea connoisseurs, and now investigators. Can we be Saviors too?

We’re just about to arrive at the scene, of course I am so talented that I can multitask writing and walking at the same time. Wouldn’t it be funny if the gnomes who attacked that elf girl were Jorpip and Celtina? Though they never seemed like the summoning type. Suns, I haven’t seen them since I was a kid. Ha, I hope they’re dead. Those guys were assholes.




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